Music Mondays

For the last six weeks here at Safespots we’ve been running ‘Music Mondays’ for our ladies, which involved song writing, playing instruments and singing, which all our ladies really got into. For the first four sessions we had the lovely Issy helping us song write whilst playing along with her guitar.

Then for our last session we had a very special guest; – musician, comedian and author Claire Mooney! Our girls absolutely loved working with Claire and got to see how much of a truly amazing woman she is, and we all can’t wait for her to return!

Safespots got our first single written, played and recorded just after these 6 weeks, Britain’s got talent, here we come!

Special Visit off the Lord Mayor of Manchester

We had a very special guest come join us at the centre in January. The Lord Mayor of Manchester, Yasmine Dar. Our ladies had the chance to have coffee and lunch as the Lord Mayor wanted to see what our centre was about.

The afternoon was spent sharing experiences and discussing future goals with the Lord Mayor, who was an inspirational lady and a wonderful role model for our ladies.

The Lord Mayor of Manchester works very closely with her community and it was an absolute pleasure that she wanted to come and see us here at Safespots.

Please see attached photo of one of our team and a representative from Chiesi, one of our partners, with the Lord Mayor. 

Happy 8th Birthday Safespots!

Can you believe we’ve been here 8 whole years now? Us either! Weve grown and learnt so much, and so have all our amazing ladies! We celebrated with cake, balloons and lots of gratitude for all the support and help we’ve been able to offer all of our ladies with over these 8 years. 

Weve had some big changes over the last 3 years since our last birthday update, which includes expanding our team, our new partnership with WoW (Women of Wythenshawe), Chiesi LTD and even working closely with GMP South Manchester.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers, funders, trustees and community partners. The past 8 years has been an amazing journey and we look forward to continuing our work in the years to come.

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GMP logo redesigned to make it 'simpler' - Manchester Evening News

Scrap The Fee Success!

Back in 2016 Wythenshawe Safespots, alongside Tom Watson MP and Mike Kane MP, kick started the Scrap the Fee Campaign. Women up and down the country who had been victims of abuse were being charged by their GP for a letter as proof of this in order for them to access legal aid so that they could be supported and represented in the court process.

Safespots raised this issue with Mike and Tom and were supported to launch a national campaign to Scrap The Fee. This campaign received the support of thousands via an online petition. The government acknowledged the campaign and made changes so that victims could get the letter from more sources including domestic abuse organisations and housing providers.

Safespots believed this still wasn’t enough. They continued to campaign. Earlier this year as part of the domestic abuse bill, Scrap The Fee was considered. The campaign received support through Parliament and is now set to be legislated for as part of the Domestic Abuse Bill. This means that no GP across England or Wales will be able to charge women for that letter.

Mike Kane MP says:

“I would like to congratulate the women of Safespots for their commitment to this campaign and for their commitment to the safety of women in Wythenshawe and Sale East. Victims of abuse should never be charged for a piece of paper to prove they have been affected by this terrible scourge upon women. I hope the removal of this barrier will make it easier for women to access to legal representation and justice. I am incredibly proud to have this survivor led service based in my constituency”

Sarah Judge from Safespots says:

“I am delighted that this has now been brought into law. No woman should ever be faced with the decision of whether to feed their family or keep their family safe. I want to say a big thank you to Lord Kennedy for championing this cause. It is amazing that a small grass roots organisation from Wythenshawe has stepped up and changed the law.”

Wythenshawe Safespots was established in 2015. It is a community led domestic abuse service based in Wythenshawe Town Centre offering holistic support, advice and guidance to women who have experienced abuse.

If you or somebody you know needs help you can get in touch on 07873889637 or email Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9.30 – 4.30.

‘Shake The Dust’ (Jenny Roche)

New exercise sessions called ‘Shake the Dust’ are being delivered in the centre and feedback from attendees has been amazing.

‘Shake the Dust’ focuses on activating the nervous system through the physical body, for mental health and well-being. It is a transformative, embodied, workout of the body/heart/mind that is rooted in a trauma informed approach to exercise.

 ‘Shake the Dust’ involves shaking, jumping, dancing, intuitive movement and body weight training, not to mention a brilliant playlist!

Sessions are designed for anyone and will at best deliver a cathartic release, a great workout, SWEAT and a strong, resilient body.

Building a resilient body provides a platform for transferrable skills, as it leads to the raising of self-esteem and confidence.

Quotes from attendees after their first session:

‘I feel 16 again’
‘What an amazing experience’ 

 ‘I feel free to express myself’ 

‘What a great workout’

‘I feel emancipated ‘

‘A fantastic way to start the week’

June 2021

Finding Peace in a Chaotic and Stressful World Through Yoga and Meditation (Jenny Roche)

During the Covid crisis, Safespots participants have been accessing Yoga and Meditation to support their well-being and emotional health. For many women, the sessions have been a lifeline, enabling them to focus on themselves.

There is a growing body of research from various sources, to back up Yoga and Meditation benefits for well-being.

Yoga increases body awareness, relieves stress, reduces muscle tension, strain and inflammation, sharpens attention and concentration and calms and centers the nervous system.

Meditation is a very precise technique which allows the mind to rest and for the people to achieve a state of consciousness, totally different from the usual state of awareness.

Yoga and Meditation have far-reaching effects enabling people to reach all levels of self-promoting awareness, peace, relaxation and healing. When you practice Yoga and Meditation, you seek the stillness and purity that a silent mind affords.  Both Yoga and Meditation allow a way of shutting out errant thoughts and the muddled mind associated with everyday stressful living.

Yoga and Meditation have a long, illustrious history and perhaps it has never been needed as much as now in the complexities of Covid-19. With all the modern-day stresses and strains, these practices are a successful form of stress reduction, which promotes health and well-being. Yoga and Meditation have evolved over thousands of years into the structured practice of modern times.

It has been wonderful to see women at Safespots actively access a space of inner calm and peace from these sessions, delving into their ‘inner world’ and finding a sense of clarity. They have all experienced trauma and it is great to see them begin to use Yoga and Meditation to help them to work through difficult times.

I look forward to continuing to work alongside the Safespots Team.

Quotes from session attendees:

‘It’s about finding a balance as negative energy takes us off balance’

‘We are worth the investment’
‘Happy mom – happy child’

‘Thank you for this opportunity – Safespots is a lifeline’

April 2021



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